Visual effects & 3D, Compositing

Toast has a long, solid experience in visual effects. Our whole infrastructure is designed to support working in teams, and it makes effects preparation and work easy and flexible. Our VFX lead Vesku has one of the longest careers in the industry in Finland.

With in-house effects capabilities, we can start drafting the fx shots already in the offline edit if necessary. It is quite beneficial to have an overall look of the shots in an earliest possible phase, especially if there’s any heavier work involved. When decisions about effects can be done in a timely manner, it improves efficiency a lot.

Some elements, such as clouds or rain, can sometimes be added in the color grade. Different approaches can be tested and evaluated, to always have the best results most effectively.

When planning the production, it’s essential to decide what’s worth doing in the set or fix in the post. Our crew has a comprehensive understanding of different techniques, and we happily consult the DP and the production crew. We also provide onsite technical supervision service.

We use industry-standard tools for compositing, keying, motion graphics and basic 3D. To top up the in-house crew, a selection of experienced freelancers can be used remotely or locally if needed.


We provide all elements of post production for all work including advertising, films, tv-series or company videos and all media including television, cinema, radio and internet.