Color grading

Color workflow at Toast is taken seriously, in a fun and easy way for the client.

We have three colorists Veikko Ruuskanen, Antti Peltoranta and Emmi Holopainen. We also use skilled freelancers regularly. Our colorists will handle the short and the long ones. No matter if it’s a drama series or a high level commercial, the art and the craft is always par to the needs. We provide color work in 4 different suites.  As in all Toast workstations, we work from shared server storage so different phases of the work can be done simultaneously. For example, the compositing is usually done in linear color space, so it’s quite convenient to see the end result instantly in a big screen and fix the composite if needed.

4K HDR is doable, as well as Christie 2K DCI screening with Genelec surround sound monitoring. On the software side we mainly use Davinci Resolve. We calibrate the screens regularly, so your eyeballs can be at ease.

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We provide all elements of post production for all work including advertising, films, tv-series or company videos and all media including television, cinema, radio and internet.