Technical services

Is your spot going to an outdoor screen or a hockey match? Do you need your documentary film in a format that is guaranteed to work in a certain festival? Or did you get some confusing delivery instructions in Finnish? While the modern digital leap enables all the grace of split second file transfers, the variety of the formats has also grown exponentially.

At Toast, this is everyday business. If you are not famialiar with the terms Spotgate, DCP, Adtoox, 4:5, DOOH, CABAC, Aspera or R128 just to name a few, don’t worry, we speak this jargon fluently. DCP mastering can be done 2K / 4K size with subtitling. Screenings can be done in-house up to 2K size, or in the nearby movie theaters TP, Kavi or Kino K13. We also provide a dailies service including syncing, encodes and cloud playback. We have a cloud server on premises to provide smooth digital file transfers in Finland and abroad.

Film restoration is also included in our services. We can provide the whole process including 16mm and 35mm scans, and the digital restoration process. We have a comprehensive understanding and experience of the various stages of film restoration. We’ve done restorations of Finnish feature films from the 70’s and 80’s.

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We provide all elements of post production for all work including advertising, films, tv-series or company videos and all media including television, cinema, radio and internet.